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May 3, 2023

Cómo haces algo es cómo haces todo

Entrevista con Mariela Irala

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Entrevista con Mariela Irala, actriz, comunicadora, inversionista y mamá. Es una conversación super divertida donde Mariela habla sobre su nueva aventura como mamá primeriza. Cuenta su increíble historia de parto en casa. También nos cuenta cómo hace para darle una interpretación útil a sus retos en la vida. En sus palabras: "la vida te da lo que necesitas, no lo que quieres." No te pierdas esta charla. Te inspirará a enfrentar la vida con mucha pasión, humor, conciencia y agradecimiento.


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Mariela IralaProfile Photo

Mariela Irala


My ultimate passion is to communicate, connect & contribute. For over 15 years I've been fortunate to do this through visual storytelling primarily for the US Hispanic entertainment industry.

As a Latina raised in Miami, FL (Go Heat!!) I always enjoyed my community’s diversity and the jobs I was able to navigate. I recently moved back to Miami from Houston where I got to meet the incredibly diverse community there. (Must watch Parts Unknown: Houston!)

I started my career as the Host of Yahoo! HOY A daily news segment, where I was able to interview 100+ celebrities, cover the 2016 US Presidential Election, and global events such as Copa America. I have hosted shows for Telemundo Deportes, HolaTV & HITN.

I’m an actor and filmmaker with a BAS in Film, TV & Digital Production Technology, AS in Journalism and SAG eligible. I starred in the Disney Latino’s / Cris Morena joint TV series “Jake & Blake”, and directed a short film “Yo y Sho”, a semi-biopic about the struggles of an Argentinian actress’ accent in Miami.

As an entrepreneur, I was able to use my journalism & marketing skills to advocate for nutrition and sustainability through my family company “Progan”, a US based company dedicated to sourcing quality recycled ingredients for sustainable industries such as Pet food manufacturing, Renewable diesel & Cosmetics.

Like most Argentinians I am a crazy Fútbol fan, who’s been lucky to cover the 2016 World Cup in Russia with Telemundo Deportes!!, I love personal development and truly believe in the social impact of great storytelling.