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April 26, 2023

Embracing Your Sexuality with Romance Novels

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Interview with Melissa Saavedra, founder of Steamy Lit. Melissa tells us how she came up with the idea to provide a book subscription service that pairs romance novels with specially curated items that will have you celebrate self love and embrace your sexuality. She talks about books, particularly romance books, as therapy and as a form of escapism from painful life experiences. Melissa also talks about the stigma in our community around female pleasure, masturbation and vibrators and the importance of having conversations about these topics. Stay tuned because it’s about to get real steamy...


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Melissa Saavedra


Melissa Saavedra is a Latina entrepreneur and ex US Navy veteran. She is the founder of Steamy Lit, a romance book subscription service which also offers it's subscribers a selection of self-care and sexual wellness products to enjoy along with each novel.

Aside from promoting sexual wellness, Melissa is also passionate about showcasing authors whose identity has been historically underrepresented, such as female authors of colour and authors from the LGBTQ+ community.