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Overcoming Loss and Life Transitions with Gilza Fort-Martinez

Podcast episode to help you overcome loss and process grief. 🙌💖🙏

Gilza Fort-Martinez, licensed marriage and family therapist, talks to us about navigating loss, uncertainty and sudden change. Gilza has over 25 years experience in helping women process grief. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, the loss of status, the loss of a job or the loss of a marriage, her words will remind you that “this too shall pass.” What's required for healing is time, willingness, guidance, and self-introspection.

Dear Mamacita,
There's no use denying it: loss can be devastating.🥺

Whether it's the loss of a loved one, the loss of a marriage, the loss of status or the loss of a much needed job, the grief we experience can leave us feeling overwhelmed and completely hopeless.

Helping women overcome this sense of loss and regain their peace of mind is one of the reasons I started the Mamas Con Ganas Podcast. You see, over thirteen years ago I went thru a very painful divorce that left me feeling broken, like my world had fallen apart.

I remember feeling totally lost with no sense of purpose. Nevermind I was still breast feeding my 5-month-old son. I was the mama WITHOUT ganas. Rough doesn't begin to describe it. I truly felt like the pain in my heart was unsurmountable.

I share this personal story to give testimony to the fact that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel. 🙌🌤


Today's podcast guest, Gilza Fort-Martinez, is here to reinforce this message of hope and faith. Whatever you may be facing at the moment, “this too shall pass.” Healing your broken heart is possible. 💔➡️❤️

Gilza is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 25 years experience in helping women process grief.

Loss comes in many forms and overcoming grief is not a linear process.

Gilza Fort-Martinez is the founder of Resolution Counseling Center in Miami and she is here to help you navigate loss. On this episode Gilza shares insights that can help your healing process as well as what to say to someone who is currently experiencing grief.

Healing your broken heart is the first step towards regaining your GANAS.

🙌🌷Wherever you are, Mamacita, I send you a virtual hug filled with healing energy. Gilza and I are rooting for you. You are never alone.

Next, week I will be releasing the Spanish version of this episode in case you need to share this heartfelt message with someone who doesn't speak English.

Until then, make sure to share this message with someone who is needing to hear it and leave us a comment below.

Xoxo, 😘😘

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There is no need in having to process grief on your own. As a licensed professional, Gilza can facilitate in your healing process.

(I am eternally grateful for the help I received from my therapist when I was going thru my divorce.)

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