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Listen to other female entrepreneurs. Learn about how to create a thriving business and become a great leader.
Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

Rita Bautista on Entrepreneurship, Intuition and Latinas in Podcasting

Interview with Rita Bautista, founder and CEO of the Latina Podcasters Network. Rita shares how her love for podcasting led her to build a successful business where she curates a network of Latina, Latino, and Latinx Podcasters. She talks about how...

Episodes In English Abundance Entrepreneurship

Becoming a Successful Movie Producer with Chevonne O'Shaughnessy

Interview with Chevonne O’Shaughnessy, successful film producer and co-founder and President of American Cinema International. Chevonne tells us about her experience as a woman in the film industry and how she produces and distributes high quality...

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

How to Be Charismatic On Camera

Valentina Izarra, founder of Mamas Con Ganas, gives tips on how to be charismatic on camera. Valentina is a professional actress and media coach who helps business professionals become confident and engaging on camera for their professional...

Episodios En Español/ Spanish Entrepreneurship

Transformando una idea en negocio a través de la mentoría

Entrevista con Valentina Elias y Gladys Mezrahi. Valentina es una joven de 14 años y creadora de las máscaras de Smile Guard, cuya misión es ayudar a la comunidad con discapacidad auditiva durante la pandemia. Esta compañía provee máscaras N95...

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

From Side Hustle to Full-Time Business with Jianni Acosta

Interview with Jianni Acosta, founder of House of Jewels Miami. This first generation college student and daughter of Cuban immigrants shares how she went from corporate financial analyst to running her very own successful jewelry business.

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship Self-Improvement

Ignite Your Possibilities with JB Owen

Interview with JB Owen, world-class speaker, international bestselling author and founder and CEO of empowerment publishing house, Ignite. In this episode JB shares how you too can "Ignite Possibilities" and spark success. Plus she tells us about her...

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

Become a Queen Networker with Cata Balzano

Learn how to network like a pro with journalist, Cata Balzano. Cata shares easy networking tips so you can make the right connections and build those genuine business relationships. Get over your fear and insecurities. Sharpen your social skills and...

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

Connie Tang- Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success

Connie Tang, President & CEO of Princess House, talks about the values we need to strengthen in order to overcome fear and breakthrough success.

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

Alexandra Neto: From Laid off to Entrepreneur

Interview with Alexandra Neto: Founder of Otena Concepts