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Mamas Con Ganas Podcast

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We talk about relevant topics regarding our Latin culture and how they affect women today. Some of the topics include machismo, racism, domestic violence, etc.
Episodes In English Self-Improvement Society & Culture

The Art of Not Getting Offended

If you are constantly bothered by what others do or say, then this episode is for you. Learn the art of not getting offended. Avoid the needless suffering that comes from taking offense to others' opinions and/ or actions. In this episode, I share 5...

Episodes In English Self-Improvement Society & Culture

Overcoming Differences in Identity- Part 2

We talk about overcoming differences in identity, specifically with regards to the LGBTQIA + community. This is a collage of conversations where my 5 guests share their personal journeys and testimonials. Join me as I talk to a licensed...

Episodes In English Society & Culture

Giveaway to Celebrate Season One

In this final episode of our first season, I'm giving away a 60-minute coaching session and the Ignite Love book to five lucky winners. My dear friend, Jhorna Castañez, interviews me as well and I share some fun stories about the creation and...

Episodes In English Society & Culture

Purpose, Podcasting and Latino Vintners with Jessica Yañez

Interview with Jessica Yañez, Founder and Host of The Wine & Chisme Podcast. Jessica tells us about her journey as a podcaster, her search for purpose, single life as a 40 something Latina, and why she loves to amplify the voice of the BIPOC...

Episodios En Español/ Spanish Sociedad & Cultura Episodes In English Society & Culture

Mamas Con Ganas Podcast

Trailer- Mamas Con Ganas Podcast Podcast bilingüe de desarrollo personal y empoderamiento para la mujer Latina. Desarrolla una mentalidad de éxito y liderazgo. Cultiva tu amor propio y supera tus miedos. Atrae abundancia y conviértete en mujer...

Episodes In English Society & Culture

Healing Our Political Rifts

Valentina Izarra, founder of Mamas Con Ganas, shares 3 tips to overcoming our political differences and healing our political rifts. It's a conversation about developing the capacity to engage in controversial conversations without getting triggered...

Episodes In English Society & Culture

Racism in Latin America

Interview with Jean Muteba Rahier, professor of Anthropology and African & African Diaspora Studies at Florida International University. Professor Rahier talks about the history of racism in Latin America and educates us on the recent social...

Episodes In English Society & Culture

Actionable Tips on How to Break the Cycle of Racism

Interview with Life and Relationship Coach, Melanie Clark. She shares her tips on raising loving kids and how to promote tolerance and diversity. She reminds us that as mothers we have the ability to influence our children in an extremely powerful and...

Episodes In English Parenting Society & Culture

Educating Our Kids on Sexual Abuse Prevention

Rosalía Rivera, Founder of Consent Parenting and host of the About Consent podcast, talks about the importance on educating our children on sexual abuse prevention. She shares tips on how to approach this delicate subject which includes body safety,...