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Episodes In English Self-Improvement

The Power of Accountability

Valentina Izarra, founder of Mamas Con Ganas, talks about the transformative power of accountability. "Something magical happens when you take 100% ownership of your life; when you stop blaming others for your dramas and own what owns you." If you're...

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

Connie Tang- Fearless Living: 8 Life-Changing Values for Breakthrough Success

Connie Tang, President & CEO of Princess House, talks about the values we need to strengthen in order to overcome fear and breakthrough success.

Episodes In English Relationships Self-esteem

Healing a Broken Heart

Valentina Izarra, founder of Mamas Con Ganas, talks candidly about how to overcome a devastating breakup or divorce. She talks about healing the broken heart, reclaiming ones identity after separation and finding peace of mind after betrayal.

Episodes In English Entrepreneurship

Alexandra Neto: From Laid off to Entrepreneur

Interview with Alexandra Neto: Founder of Otena Concepts