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Pam Covarrubias


Pam Covarrubias became the business coach her immigrant mom needed. Pam is a Resonance Business Coach, Speaker, Podcaster, and Recovering Procrastinator. Her work is grounded in liberation principles, which she uses to support clients using trauma-informed practices that are kind to their nervous system.

Pam created The Liberated Business Roadmap, which helps entrepreneurs tap into their intuition, amplify their voice, and flow with the natural rhythms of their bodies and seasons.

As someone who has been told she’s prettier when she’s quiet, Pam is dedicated to using her voice to remove the damages of Calladita Culture™️ a principle instilled in first-generation women and femmes in the United States, telling them to be quiet and submissive.

In addition to her work as a Business Coach, Pam is also the host of the globally recognized podcast, Cafe con Pam, where she shares stories and insights from diverse voices in the world of entrepreneurship, social justice, and personal growth. Her conversations are candid, thought-provoking, and deeply informative, making Cafe con Pam a valuable resource for anyone looking to build a business or create positive change in their community.

Podcasting, Coaching and Mindful Productivity
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Podcasting, Coaching and Mindful Productivity

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