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Stacey Lopez

Licensed Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Stacey Lopez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in both Connecticut and Florida, offering in-person and telehealth psychotherapy, group facilitation, and psychoeducational workshops.

Stacey is passionate about working with youth and adults who need support coping with anxiety, depression, complex trauma, emotion regulation challenges, life transitions, relationship issues, and issues related to culture and identity.

Stacey Lopez has centered her career at the intersections of social work, youth development, and mental health. Her practice as a clinical social worker is anchored in the belief that people thrive when their strengths are recognized, when they experience a strong sense of belonging, and when they play an active role in addressing life’s challenges. As a bilingual, bicultural, first-generation Latina, she holds an interest in how we understand and affirm our intersectional identities, experiences, and communities.

Stacey earned a Master of Social Work, with a concentration in Children and Family Services, from the University of Saint Joseph. She has a bachelor’s degree in Educational Studies and a minor in Community Action Studies from Trinity College.

Overcoming Our Differences in Identity- Part 1
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Overcoming Our Differences in Identity- Part 1

Interview with Stacey Lopez, licensed psychotherapist. We talk about overcoming differences thru engaging in hard conversations. It’s a discussion about belonging and all the nuances of identity like heritage, race, gender, culture, nationality,...