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Parenting Episodes

Here we examine how parenting can help us grow into the best version of ourselves. We allow for the process of parenting to teach us and we learn so that we can become better mothers to our children.
Episodes In English Parenting

Overcoming Mommy Guilt

An honest conversation for mothers about the stigma of mommy guilt. I talk vulnerably about how to better process the thoughts of mommy guilt. This includes observing our thought patterns, challenging ourselves to see things from an opposite...

Episodes In English Parenting

Tips for Overcoming Mommy Overwhelm

Valentina Izarra, founder of Mamas Con Ganas, shares 3 simple tips for overcoming mommy overwhelm. It’s an intimate episode dedicated to the mother who is stressed out by the burdens and responsibilities of motherhood. If you are doubting your...

Episodes In English Parenting

Managing Anger with Our Kids- The Conscious Way

Interview with Afshan Tafler, Conscious Parenting Coach and Holistic Life Coach. Afshan talks about how to break reactive anger patterns with your kids so you can have more calm and connection in your family. She also shares the 7 steps to...

Episodes In English Parenting

Conscious Parenting with Natalie Syrmopoulos

Interview with Natalie Syrmopoulos, conscious parenting coach and founder of Evolving With Natalie. Natalie talks candidly about the challenges of parenting, "gladiator kids," and how we can step into an awakened parenting style using the four pillars...

Episodes In English Parenting Society & Culture

Educating Our Kids on Sexual Abuse Prevention

Rosalía Rivera, Founder of Consent Parenting and host of the About Consent podcast, talks about the importance on educating our children on sexual abuse prevention. She shares tips on how to approach this delicate subject which includes body safety,...

Episodes In English Parenting

Adacelis Pérez- A Mom's Journey From Anxiety to Serenity

Adacelis Pérez, author and life coach, talks about overcoming depression and anxiety as a mother while navigating divorce and illness. It's an honest and open conversation on the challenges of motherhood and an invitation to a more mindful connection...